Punch manufacturers require routine inspection essentials

Routine check point preparation essentials Precision presses Inspection and maintenance items Point inspection essentials Before starting the main motor 1. Various parts of the refueling Oil pump to confirm [Refer to the operating instructions and oiling indication plate] 2 milling and drilling machine. Lubricant tank and other oil to the oil device Use a dipstick or visually check 3. Lubricant pressure check and oil flow confirmation The pressure gauge in the normal scale range 4. Air pressure check The pressure gauge in the normal scale range [Total plant air pressure should be above 5kgf / cm2] 5. Clutch. Brake air solenoid valve for dynamic inspection Turn the operation selector switch to JOG, and press the RUN button to hear the sound of air exhausted from the solenoid valve 6. Check the bolt, nut class whether the loose 7. Check whether there is leakage, leakage Especially with the mold with the installation of bolts, nuts, depending on the loose state to lock or replace 8. Check the various parts of whether cracking, damage, deformation, abnormal After the cause of the investigation, repair or replacement 9. Check the operation panel, control panel, safety devices and other abnormalities Attention should be paid to wiring off, broken, abnormal relay crunch and so on After the main motor starts 1. Flywheel running condition and running direction check Special attention should be paid to the start condition, acceleration condition, vibration and sound. When the idling is over 2 minutes and the rotation resistance is large, the V belt vibration

Punch manufacturers require routine inspection essentials

2. The indicator value of the instrument check When the pressure gauge, galvanometer bad, to adjust or replace 3. Clutch, brake the action point inspection close. Open the good, abnormal sound, vibration, etc. need to be adjusted in the Jog operation, and then the safety of a trip to investigate the second degree of protection device is a good function 4. Emergency stop Action check The crank angle is 90 °. , Press the emergency stop button to view the slide angle Whether it is too large, and identify the reasons for the post-readjustment 5. Die high check In the jog operation, the investigation. The mutual position of the lower die 6. Mold, installation of good or not the check Investigation of locking best drill machine, the location of the upper and lower mold and mold damage [In particular, mold installation, the need to pay attention to avoid the eccentric load] Check during operation 1. Clutch. Brake opening and closing bad, charred and other anomalies Pay attention to whether the sound, coke smell, smoke and air leakage and so on

2. Check the degree of brake slippage Note Slide stop position, angle is too large (crank angle ± 10. Above] should be adjusted immediately 3. Check the scale change of each measuring instrument 4. Check all parts of the oil spills, gas and so on Pressure is too low, the current meter changes, such as counting action 5. Slide the guide surface, such as abnormal point inspection Pay attention to whether the fever, burning and scratches 6. Each shaft is subjected to a heat check such as a part 50 ° C or less 7. Motor fever check The outer edge of 60 ℃ below 8. Mold pad pressure check [when using mold pad] 9. Overall visual inspection Check with the scale of the pressure gauge and the capacity value displayed on the nameplate Check the work after the preparation 1. Operation with the key switch of the closed 2. Close the air line pump The key is held by the person responsible for the operation 3. The air pipe of the drainage pipe From the drain valve discharge or air filters and other drains drain 4 Steel Beam CNC machine. All parts of the clean, point inspection 5. Punching equipment as a whole check 6. Refuel the necessary parts 7. Maintenance of tools 8. Turn off the power Cracking, injury, loose and so on

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